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The innovative system R.OX.AN.E is constituted of two main parts: 1. a Control Centre and 2. a wireless controlled robotic Vehicle.
roxane_4The Control Centre provides the operator of the system with the ability to control the Vehicle from a distance and get the necessary audio-visual information, via a LCD 7″ screen, a CO2 detector and a wireless bidirectional sound communication system, in order to localize and psychologically support the live victim until the rescue is over and done.
It also allows the rescuer, via two LCD displays, to know, at any time, the functional state of the vehicle and the duration of the mission. The Vehicle is equipped with a camera, a microphone, a loudspeaker, a carbon dioxide detector, a smoke detector, a light detector and an inclinometer so that it can move through the ruins and collect information that concerns the localization of the victim. This audio-visual information is transmitted to the Control Centre and delivered also to the internet.
Moreover on the Vehicle there is a fire tracing and extinguishing system, a sound recording system, a GSM transmitter that provides the position of the Vehicle via satellite. The Vehicle provides the possibility of self-test of its sensors and activators via internet and local network.
The Vehicle, under the control of the Control centre, moves using a pair of miniature tank tracks with large aperture allowing it to move with large lateral gradients without being overturned. The tank tracks are powered by a DC motor with speed controller. On the tank tracks is adapted a differential axle, which in combination with two disc brakes that have been adapted on it, enables rotation of the Vehicle up to the 360o. When the Vehicle moves uphill with slopes greater than the 45o then automatically, a mercury inclinometer mounted on the Vehicle, detects the slope and starts a second DC motor, which powers a second smaller rear pair of tracks in order to prevent Vehicle overthrow.
On the Vehicle is positioned a night vision camera which is controlled by two servomotors to allow 180o horizontal and 90o vertical rotation. The image of the camera, the night vision led indicators, smoke, and carbon dioxide detectors, the low-level voltage of the battery of the Vehicle are transferred wirelessly to the system operator. They are shown on the screen of the Control Centre and help the operator direct the Vehicle to the survivor. The same information is streamed simultaneously to the internet and through it to the crisis management centre.
The embedded in the camera microphone and a speaker on the Vehicle allow bidirectional sound communication and this in turn allows the system operator to locate the survivor through his voice and to provide the necessary psychological support until the rescue. A GSM transmitter enables positioning of the vehicle through satellite.
On the Vehicle there is an autonomous smoke detection and a small-scale fire extinguishing system controlled by an ATtiny13 microcontroller. This microcontroller in cooperation with the main microcontroller of the Vehicle displays on the screen of the Control Centre the indication of smoke detection.
R.OX.AN.E was awarded the 1rst Robotics Award 2009 Nationwide from the actions of “Athens Digital Week”, and its creators were awarded from the Ministry of Education with the “Academic and Scientific Excellence”.

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