The East Macedonia and Thrace Technical Research Centre (EMTh TRC) was founded in 2006. It is an organization based in Kavala and connected to the East Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.
The Centre is organized into seven Sectors of Research and Technology.
The research and scientific staff of the Centre is composed mainly of members of the Scientific Staff of the East Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology and other leading scientific partners that promote:

  1. the technological research
  2. the application of scientific and technological findings to solve specific problems in the production process,
  3. the improvement of methods and production processes which served the needs of the region EMTh and generally the country,
  4. the development of applications and products,
  5. the provision of services and support of the industrial manufacturing units.

Through these activities, the Centre:

  1. Develops links with institutions and research organizations in the country and abroad as well as with agencies of the public and private Sector.
  2. Maintains two-way relationship with the productive units of the region and with the organized economy buckets of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
  3. Specializes students and graduates in the modern sectors of the new technologies.
  4. Contribute substantially both to: α. the uniform development of the region, and β. the alleviation of disparities in development and living standards between the 5 units (prefectures) of the region.
  5. Conducts studies and implements technology programs on demand.
  6. Improves the quality of products and services and the competitiveness of the economy in the region.
  7. Provides services, education and training.
  8. Supervises the organization and finance of technological research programs, publications, seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad.

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