The sector ” Marble Technology” (identification, study, extraction, processing, quality control, dissemination and marble products) is a very important production and processing sector in Greece and particularly in the areas of Kavala, Drama and Thassos. In these three areas are active for years many companies (70 quarries, about 20 marble industry), the commercial scope of which transcends national boundaries (about 80% of the exportable marble of our country). The viability of such enterprises and the interest for further activity in the marble sector is illustrated by the intense activity seen in the market.
This mobility is manifested in three main forms:

  1. a) Creation of new companies, mainly mining and marble processing.
  2. b) Promotion of the products of these enterprises in the constantly expanding international markets.
  3. c) Attempt to establish cooperation of smaller manufacturing units in collaboration with companies coming from other business sectors (for example, the recent creation in Kavala – Drama – Thasos common marble processing “front”, involving seven units dealing primarily with marble and yet a supplying – trading company, which has no direct connection with the subject).

Existing primary and secondary marble production companies (mining and processing respectively) are now based mainly on the high demand in the market, the abundantly available raw material and less on improvisation of all the involved individuals and state institutions. The state presence is displayed in the form of strong intervention, particularly in financial matters and forced to resort to large bank loans, whenever troubleshooting is required. It is understood that, without the existence of institutional technical support (mainly in marble processing) in the direction of production of products after a market study and activity coordination of all employed business, the problems that will arise will be intractable, mainly due to the existing strong competition from other countries.
The Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology has the advantage of being at the center of an area rich in marble deposits. Furthermore, it is located in an area with capabilities to control the market of the neighboring countries and the provision of relevant facilities in the sectors of processing, quality control and distribution of marble products in different ways.
The activities of this Sector at EMT TRC are:

  • The registration and grading of the practicing marble deposits, first in the areas of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and then throughout the Greek territory (authentication of Greek marble in accordance with EU Directive 246/92 E.U.).
  • The collection, classification and study of the problems that arise during the process that starts with the localization of a deposit of the marble and ends with promotion of the marble products in the Greek and international market.
  • The study on using the appropriate application methods to the full range of activities relating to marbles, particularly those associated with troubleshooting, as in marble localization, in possibility of exploitation and further expansion of the quarry, in modern mining methods, in cutting and marble processing, in protecting the environment from the operation of quarries, in the exploitation of the by-products of the quarries.
  • The development of a “Marble Atlas” and the creation of a “Marble Museum” for international promotion.
  • The exploration of the international market and export activity and the organization of sale and transport networks.
  • The study of creating new products from the marble processing depending on the demand formed in the Greek and international markets, the development of new methods treatment and processing and the use of the treatment by-products.
  • The creation of quality specifications for the finished products and certification of compliance with the specifications.
  • The provision of interconnection services and cooperation of existing small and medium-sized craft and industrial units, with the aim of establishing viable and fully competitive industrial complexes primarily for competing with similar groups abroad.
  • The training and expertise of all involved in the above considered process for the optimization of all the technical and economic performance parameters.

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