Eastern Macedonia has been recorded not only to the Macedonian but also in the national consciousness as one of the most productive places, with incomparable beauty landscapes and habitats of remarkable structure. With its mountains (Pangeon, Menikio, Orvilos, Falakro, Rodopi) of various geological formations and substrates (dominant the exquisite marble), the magnificent inland water formations (Straits of Nestos, Nestos Delta, Artificial Lake of Nestos dams) its vast mountain meadows (life sources perpetually self-regulated) and productive fields, composes an area multiple selectivity and maximum biodiversity habitats. The constituent elements, poles of attraction in research and applications could roughly be described as follows:
Its mountains are the crossroads of three maximum flora of the Mediterranean, the medeuropean and iranokaspikis. Many plant species find the most northern, the southern or the eastern limit spread in these mountains, resulting in maximum biodiversity habitats, with many rare and endemic species, and others with major pharmaceutical, bee food and livestock value. Its mountain meadows, combined with its extensive forests (especially great for their structure and mixture, as well as their composition, such as those of birch and spruce) confer floristically in this region an inconceivable greatness.
Rodopi e.g. is seen as the ark of the Mediterranean and medeuropean flora, with wonderful VIRGIN FOREST of.
In this floristic biodiversity and landscape blossom communion landscape and the fauna, both birds and that of hairy (especially with the interest of the brown bear, the chamois, the deer, the capercailzie etc.)
Geologic Formations substrates
The strong topography and the interesting geological substrates of the region, contribute particularly to the previously mentioned differentiation. But the dominance of its great and famous marble not only impress but also contributes to the economic development of the region. Its residential tissue was developed in this landscape, parts of which are still the traditional settlements, cradles of culture and preservation of the flame of our national identity, and sunken into oblivion, as FALAKRO, PANGEON, ELATIA, RODOPI, VIRGIN FGOREST OF RODOPI, NESTOS, FARASINO, ACHLADOREMA, ARKOUDOREMA: places, sites of incredible biodiversity and unapproachable beauty. Habitats of inestimable value and importance with remarkable structure and unrevealed functions.
But in the consciousness of nearly all residents, areas isolated. As a result the need for maximum PROMOTION, PROTECTION AND EXPLOITATION OF THESE HABITATS.

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