One of the key features of global economic developments, irrespective of the decisions on the liberalization of the international markets, is to create regional development areas of the international economic relations, according to European Union standards, the NAFTA, the APEC, the MAHGREB, the triangle of Asian Countries etc. Experience has shown that the creation of similar regional unions benefits both the directly involved countries and the World economy in general.
The area of the wider Balkan Peninsula and the already established Black Sea Cooperation Zone are included in this spirit of regionalism and dispersion of global economic activities. The economic, social and political developments over the last five years in our neighboring countries while giving the Balkan space a special dynamic, at the same time they raise questions about the role and potential of the Greek presence in these economic, social and political affairs. Because competition is very intensive it drives the education and research institutions of Greece to know get to know the situation of the economic opportunities and activities of their potential partners and the prospects that are open in terms of the neighboring countries.
The geographical position of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology favors an operational range of both national regions, with rapid release rates of economic stagnation, such as Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, as well as parts of the Balkans and West Asia, which offer opportunities of operational research and implementation methods of globalization of the trade and the economy in general. For this reason, the contribution will be essential and catalytic.
The purpose of the Operational Research Sector at TRC is:

  • Investigation of the current situation, in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Greek territory as a hole as well as in the neighboring Balkan and Asian countries in the field of investments.
  • The study and classification of problems, which throughout the realization of an investment and/or an expansion of business and operational activities.
  • The development and dissemination of ideas, methods and techniques for formulating appropriate business strategy that will allow access to the Greek and international market, but also to expand opportunities that already exist.
  • To provide connectivity and collaboration services (Joint Ventures-Strategic Alliances), as well as to develop advisory services Bank to active and candidate investors.
  • The promotion of operational research by applying scientific and technological findings for the confrontation, prevention and treatment of problems associated with all the functions of each type of business in our region.
  • Creating a Financial Data Base of the businesses and an econometric model, which will be able to propose all the basic variables involved in each strategy of the area and across the country businesses, and the way they that positively or negatively affect the future their profitability (Profit Impact of Market Strategy).
  • Using the same database and building a performance measuring model for each company, and the average of the industry group that it belongs, by using the most modern method of Value Added (Shareholders Value Added), so that it can make on one hand comparisons of the situation of the industry and other hand comparisons of best practice (Benchmarking) with the best Greek business.
  • The construction of a model for measuring the productivity of manufacturing and its connection with their profitability or efficiency in order to allow companies to use it for a) the evaluation of the strategies already in place and b) the assessment of their future strategies.

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