The sector of designing and developing new products is one of the fields of scientific and technological pinpoint that requires fast design and development of prototypes in order to plan and produce directly exploitable new products. The Greek industry and crafts, particularly in regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, with striking Economic recovery problems require the application of new workable ideas and innovations in order to successfully meet the challenge of the coming strong competitive pressure due to the EU integration.
The current state of Greek industry and craft, is far from being able to deal successfully the already present revolution in the field of new technologies, based on the automation of designing and manufacturing new products. Contemplated occasional private initiatives have to deal with a heavy and suspicious as to intentions, state. In implementing such initiatives arise inhibitors such as the strong state intervention, the inability to provide technical support, the need to resort to foreign expertise, the lack of state protection for the spread, nationally and internationally, of the produced innovations and products.
The creation of not only coordinative but mainly productive organization, in order to study the market and the needs of the society, to design new products based on expertise and logistical support of advanced technologies (industrial electronics, information management, automation) and to promote these products in the Greek and foreign market can only be done by a Foundation, which raises such goals, have the necessary staff and plans to develop and in this direction.
In particular, the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of  Technology, with regional references nationwide to the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region, but also international references such as the neighboring Balkan countries, Europe, Western Asia and North Africa, wants and responds to this challenge.

The target of this sector of EMTh TRC is:

  • The direct connection with the industries and crafts of the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, in order to record the current situation and the planning of the design and introduction of innovations and new products in their activities.
  • The training of high-level technicians and officials, directly linked to the production, the design and development of new construction programs, the improvement and creation of new models of construction machinery by exploiting the potential of computers and other automation units.
  • The creation and development of a metrology center for verification and calibration of instruments, the development and equipment of a Strength of Materials Laboratory for static and dynamic tests.
  • The design and creation of Laboratories Based on the combination of Laser technologies and computers with applications in medicine, metal processing and their products etc.
  • Provide technical support to the existing industrial and craft modern technology units, as well as encouraging the creation of new ones.

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